Sunday, December 9, 2012

Single Handed: Please Post all Comments on Single Handed Book. Wi...

Single Handed: Please Post all Comments on Single Handed Book. Wi...: Welcome to the official blog of the book "Single Handed - The story of Keith Maze and his dog Wishbone"  You can get your copy of the book ...

My Favorite Comment Today:
Just started reading Single Handed...(downloaded to my Kindle)
Have to tell you a story...I lost my oldest son a year ago..His birthday was especially difficult...I was on the patio and saw a redtailed hawk light on our fence...he stayed there long enough for me to get a camera...he even turned his head to look in my direction...that picture is my screen-saver tagged with 10-4-2012, David's 45th birthday...I believe he was letting me know he is ok and free of life's troubles

My Favorite Comment Today:
Keith, I purchased Single Handed last night on my Kindle Fire. I started reading and finished it today. The book is awesome, it made me sad, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it touched my heart. A very, very awesome book! I couldn't put it down, thanks for sharing the obstacle you went through and God Bless you, your family, Wishbone and the rest :-)

My Favoite Comment of the day:
Mary Hazelrig
I am so excited. Came home from Christmas shopping and found a package for me sitting on my bed....I got my book tonight!!! Fixing to cuddle up in bed and start reading

My Favorite Comment Today:
Vickie Byrd: Hey Keith Maze, I couldn't wait on Mom to read your book so I could start, so I sneaked it off her nightstand and started reading it last night. It is AMAZING, just as I thought it would be. A Beautiful, Heartwarming story. I'm so proud of you and for you, and wanted to tell you how glad I am that God placed you in my life. You have always been a good friend to me, and I'm so very thankful for that. God Bless You and Your Family Always

My Favorite Comment today: "Renay Smith Helton".
I read this wonderful book this morning and all I can say is.... "thank you!" Thank you for being the man that you are and thank you for sharing your life and your family with me through this book. Your strength is amazing! So proud to call you my friend